40 Days of Friendship – Day 16



Did you talk to SAO today?

Yes lots of texting. Normal stuff.

2. Anything interesting happen? 

SAO said that she was looking forward to moving since she has decided to take her new job offer. I informed her that the new job may be a bit more stressful than the one she has currently been complaining about…and that she will probably complain more about it. We placed a £5 bet on it. Also I don’t think she has a desire to learn a new language though. I also learned that America is drilling more oil in the Arctic which really makes me very angry because I care about the environment and am heavily invested in renewable energy.

I encountered a real life fox tonight on my walk home. Urban fox – so obviously it was very sophisticated and cosmopolitan. Prior to that I smoked some weed with a friend and watched Kung Fury, so I THINK the fox was real… ?

3. Learn anything new about SAO?

I learned that she has never filled out tax forms … which is surprising to me as I have done taxes since I was 18. We will see how that works out for her…

4. Learn anything new about yourself?

Not today

5. Additional comments



1. Did you talk to Cal today?

I did.

2. Anything interesting happen? 

He thought he was going to be accosted by urban foxes…

3. Learn anything new about Cal?

He fears foxes when he’s high.

4. Learn anything new about yourself?

Not really, no. 

5. Additional comments 

Get a load of these texts…


It doesn’t matter what my job is…


I asked Cal if he remembered when we were in sixth form Spanish and a friend of ours was asked to use ‘fuerte’ in a sentence and she said, ‘Cal es muy fuerte in la cama,’ (Or, ‘Cal is very strong in bed,’ despite having never been in la cama con Cal) and our teacher said, ‘[Her name], es muy inapropriado.’ And thus, that became a huge joke with everyone and to this day I still say, ‘Es muy inapropriado’ to people.



We started discussing the need for speaking another language in foreign countries and whether or not English was sufficient where I am going. 


I then told Cal that I had officially accepted the new job. 


I had been trying to organise a game night with Cal and some friends for awhile and was sending out numerous group messages…



Cal then sent me a screenshot of everyone’s replies which had apparently not come through on my mobile. 



Usually Cal is very organised and I am very spontaneous, but when I try to actually plan for something I want definitive plans, so at this point I was trying to play it cool and not freak out like I wanted to since that would be entirely hypocritical of me. The game night would be fun without Cal, but I’d rather he be there, so I was low-key trying to organise things around his schedule despite his aversion to committing to a date. (Don’t worry…SPOILER ALERT! He ends up coming on Thursday.) I decided to chill and talk about my new job some more. 


I sent Cal a photo of the office and the town where my new job is. 


Cal works in a very green industry…


Cal asked me about some boring adult admin shit like taxes, hence my next reply…


I collect a lot of art and can’t store it all in my flat so I store a lot in a lock-up. Cal then sent me one of the most hilarious videos I’ve ever seen…



Rare in London…but hills do exist…


Cal basically ignored what I found to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen…Later I would find out that most of my friends did not understand this joke. ANYWAY. 


Cal told me that he was being followed home by a gang of foxes. 


*Raped. Not rapes. 

I literally pay £2.99 for an app that will alert the Met Police if I’m in trouble. I told Cal that he’s a little bitch for being afraid of some goddamn foxes. 


Just because he’s a bitch doesn’t mean foxes don’t find him sexy though…

THAT’S IT FOR NOW! Until the next time I sporadically decide to update this xx

This is actually a very accurate representation of Cal and I. Minus being step-siblings and falling in love. 

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  1. hjhjhjhjhjhj says:

    Jesus Christ – 16 days of watching/reading paint dry. Is this going anywhere? You used to entertain; now it’s like reading Hardy or Chaucer but slightly duller.

    • S@O says:

      Sorry to disappoint you, but this is pretty much it. So to answer your question, no. This is not going anywhere. Except more drinking and texting. Spoiler alert: I don’t shag Cal.

  2. AO says:

    This so reminds me of the quote that critics are the true parasites of society, feeding off the time, energy effort and work of others, but producing nothing of genuine value themselves….other than criticism, which is pretty much inconsequential to anyone but the critic.

    But then, asking if this is ‘going anywhere’ presupposes that it should, or needs to, rather than be a reflection of what someone other than the critic wants to say.

    Existentially, is life itself ‘going anywhere’? A lot of people seem to think not. And if not, can writing about it go anywhere either?

    In the end, I quite like the 40DoF…. it is about others than me living lives that aren’t mine. Being uncurious about that would make a potential reader rather dull. Or a critic.

    • S@O says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! I completely agree. Not about the destination but the journey and all that as it were.

      I’m very glad that you’re enjoying the series…we enjoyed doing it. Not ‘it’ in the 10 year-old sense of the word, but y’know, the project.

      Is this reply going anywhere? No because it’s only 8:05 and I haven’t had coffee…

      But, thank you again x

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