40 days of Friendship: Day 9 – Birthday Boy!



1. 1. Did you talk to SAO today?

Yes, while we were drinking last night we decided to hang out today to celebrate my birthday and entry into official “old manhood” as this year is really a pretty unexciting number… and a bit old, let’s be honest. She sent me a lot of interesting pictures of giant dogs on text message before we hung out.

2. Anything interesting happen? 

The girl I’ve had a lot of drama with lately gave me a nice call today to wish me happy birthday and it went incredibly smoothly, so that made me happy.

With SAO, we went to brunch with another friend – the same one I went on a trip last weekend with. Beautiful day and amazing food. I then spent time with another one of my friends and then my family before heading back home that night. While in my home neighbourhood I met up with SAO and another good friend for drinks at a local bar. SAO had to leave early but it is a weekday, and we’re not in university anymore, so I’ll let that one slide.

3. Learn anything new about SAO?

I learned that there is still some miscommunication going on between her and her mum.

4. Learn anything new about yourself?

In the past I identified with being young, and now that I’m older, I can’t have that be part of my identity anymore. Growing pains. 

Other than that I learned that Huevos Rancheros are delicious, and so is steak, and red wine, and tiramisu. But I already knew that. If you disagree with me on that, you’re wrong.

5. Additional comments 



Did you talk to Cal today?

Yes. Embarrassingly he texted me first to ask if we were still getting brunch before I could text him happy birthday, despite having bought him a birthday drink the night before. I also at one point thought that yesterday was today and yelled “shit” very loudly in a tube station because I thought I had been talking to Cal all day without saying “happy birthday” so I sent him a “happy birthday eve” text as well last night. I’m big on birthdays. As everyone can probably tell from how much I spoiled Cal’s dog on his birthday.

Anyway we ended up meeting up for brunch and then later for drinks. 

2. Anything interesting happen?

One of our other really good childhood friends who I shall call Stephen (short for, and a bit of take on, Stepney Green since that’s where he lives) came along. We’ve been friends as long as I’ve been friends with Cal, but he went to public school so I didn’t see him as frequently as I saw Cal when we were growing up. I took him to one of our school formals in our final year which was fun but, similar to Cal, we’ve always been just friends which is a shame because he’s quite attractive and we get along very well.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Who knows why we’re attracted to who we’re attracted to, but either way the three of us are strictly platonic with each other. Although, Cal and Stephen went on a romantic getaway last weekend and I’ve been calling them brokeback buddies because of it. I think they’d make a lovely couple, to be honest. At brunch Cal showed me pictures of the candlelight dinner Stephen made for him which only added to the large amounts of evidence I’ve been gathering to present to them as to why they should be together. 

At brunch I explained to Stephen what was going on with my mum and that I had massively fucked up. Then everyone chimed in with their own stories of the difficulties of dealing with parents as you grow older. Then Stephen started talking about how bored he was with London and how he wanted to move somewhere. Cal agreed and I made some suggestions which were all rejected. Both Stephen and I balked and I practically screeched, “NO!” when Cal suggested New York. Such a dirty and ugly city. I told them I would never visit if either of them moved there. Which is a lie, of course. I would make them meet me in Boston. It has far more charm and far less twats. 

Stephen eventually made it clear that he probably would do nothing about his predicament. So we decided to start a “pissing and moaning club” where we just complain all the time and don’t do anything about it like the bratty mcbrattersons that we are. 

One of the issues that I’ve had with my mum is when I go to see her and my father she’ll barge into my room all. The. Time. Like, she gives a courtesy knock, but as she’s opening the door. And, no. There’s no lock on the door. Our friend suggested I tell her that I’m masturbating, which I shot down immediately. He suggested just leaving a dildo out then, but not owning one puts a bit of a damper on that plan. And even if I did have one, why in the name of Jesus Christ would I ever bring it into my mum’s house? The next best suggestion was just to tell her to stop doing it which would probably be far less traumatising for everyone involved in the long run.  

When we were paying the cheque Stephen shouted, “Bitch better have my money!” much to mine and Cal’s confusion, so the cafe got to hear him play the Rihanna song for us through his iPhone while we laughed at him singing along. Stephen had to go to a meeting so Cal and I stayed as it was right on the river and a nice day out to just lounge in the sun. We discussed his current girl predicament and things are very slowly getting better. I’m optimistic for him, but I can tell he’s extremely concerned about the situation so I’m trying to be as reassuring as possible and offer as many of my crazy female insights as I can. I’m trying to drive home the point that people in love can be extremely irrational and that reactions are going to be heightened. Along those lines I keep trying to convince him that the fact that this girl is so mad at him but still talking to him proves how much she cares, because if someone pissed me off and I didn’t love them I’d probably just write them off. But she’s coming around. As she should. Cal is awesome. He also deserves to be happy, so I hope it works out for him.

When I met up with Cal later he was with our other friend (the one from Cal’s dog’s birthday party who know about the blog. Sidebar to him: Hey, dude! If you’re reading this I know where you live and will hunt you down if you tell anyone about this blog xx) He and Cal were already at a wine bar, having beer. Which is strange because Cal is a total slag for wine and he chooses the one time he’s in a wine bar and not a pub to have beer? Mentalist.

The bartender let me try pretty much every white wine on the menu, so I probably had an entire glass of wine before settling on the Sauvignon Blanc. He said it was a good choice and I said, “I know. That’s why I chose it.” Cal finally got his shit together and ordered some wine as well and I told him that I had written my mum a very long email explaining how I felt and apologising for being a raging bitch (even in real life I’m better at writing about serious things than talking about them).

I had to leave earlier than the other two because I HAVE A JOB UNLIKE THE REST OF MY TRAMP FRIENDS. I was cream crackered. I’ve been in a glass case of emotion for a couple weeks now. 

3. Learn anything new about Cal?

He thinks that he’s entering a boring year of his life. Or, like, a boring age. I don’t think any age has to be boring. My only goal in life is to make every year better than the last. I’m not doing a spectacular job at that, but that could turn around soon given certain opportunities that have just come up. 

4. Learn anything new about yourself? 

I’m willing to leave London. I have an interview for a job in continental Europe and am actually very excited at the prospect of change. Cal and I have been discussing how it kind of seems like everyone is in some kind of limbo at the moment. All of us are bored and don’t really know what to do as single people entering our late twenties. We seem to have an endless list of what we don’t want, number one and two being babies and marriage, respectively. This new possibility is the only thing I’ve actually been excited about this year, which is kind of depressing as the year is almost over. I’m trying to turn things around though. Get out of this slump. 

5. Additional comments 

I think this project is going quite well. I also think the timing is good since Cal and I have both been going through our own crises lately. We talk and hang out this much normally, so I don’t doubt everything that has happened would have happened had we not started the project, but it’s a good distraction and it’s been fun for me. He said it’s hard to fill these things out every day, but I told him not to worry about it since I can do enough writing for the both of us. I’m also very into visual art, and my gift for Cal is something I made, so it’s been fun to incorporate more than writing into the blog.  



IMG_6816 IMG_6815 IMG_6814


Then later after we parted ways after our bro-brunch I texted him some more birthday lols…

IMG_6811 IMG_6807


IMG_6839 IMG_6808 IMG_6840

And the rest was drunken history…

Until next time! Aka, tomorrow…because this is actually a daily thing that I now do. 

What are you thinking?