40 Days of Friendship – Day Eleven: Clones, art and the horrifying ‘miracle’ of childbirth




1. Did you talk to SAO today?

Yes, we texted.

2. Anything interesting happen? 

SAO reaffirmed her addiction to writing utensils and buying art – she likes buying things impulsively. Also SAO had a job offer to work in one of my favourite places in the world.



Then a couple minutes later a different shop…
IMG_6857 IMG_6858

I was listening to music on my computer and realised that the iTunes visualiser is clearly showing sperm attacking eggs. You don’t believe me?? Try it. That got us talking about women having to carry babies… and SAO thinks their body’s are not as robust as men’s … but I think she’s neglecting the fact that women live longer than men…

I later watched one of my favourite films, Ex Machina. My life is exciting.

3. Learn anything new about SAO?

She will at some time in the future give birth by C section. Too posh to push!

4. Learn anything new about yourself?

I learned that maybe I should be afraid of my future wife giving normal childbirth.

5. Additional comments 



Did you talk to Cal today?

Yeah we texted throughout the day and then for a couple of hours in the evening until I eventually passed out. It reminded me of when we were in school together and use to chat on MSN messenger all the time. It’s always been pretty effortlessly easy to chat to Cal. 

2. Anything interesting happen? 

Cal sent me a video of the iTunes thing where it creates images based on what your listening to. And apparently Brahms (yeah, this nerd listens to classical music all the time) reminds iTunes of reproduction because it literally looks like a bunch of sperm swimming towards an egg. This turned into an extensive conversation about men’s bodies versus women’s bodies that went thusly: 

IMG_6860 IMG_6863 IMG_6864 IMG_6865 IMG_6867 IMG_6868 IMG_6869 IMG_6870 IMG_6871 IMG_6872 IMG_6873

^ Clearly that ends with ‘the mirror’…the whole screen-shotting these conversations doesn’t always work perfectly.


We talk over each other sometimes, there’s nothing missing from this bit it’s just us kind of carrying on two different conversations. But the next bit is missing the selfie I sent him since we were arguing about what we look like versus how we look like in photographs…

IMG_6877 IMG_6879

(I was at a friend’s house and sent him a picture of her dog.)

Anyway. The conclusion is that we are both morally liberal when it comes to using stem-cell research for personal gain. 

3. Learn anything new about Cal?

I told him that my left knee and my right ankle were really itchy and asked if he knew what that meant despite him having studied mechanical engineering and not having any medical background whatsoever, but unsurprisingly he knew the answer. Apparently to do with the immune system. So, I learned that Cal is a good resource for my medical questions when I’m too lazy to google it myself. 

4. Learn anything new about yourself?

For the first time in awhile I had this really strange nervous feeling of excitement which made me realise that I’ve pretty much been feeling nothing at all lately, except for anger for the last couple of weeks. I think if I get this job in Europe I’ll probably go because just the idea of change is really exciting for me. I’m quite restless and if I don’t move at least every couple of years I start to feel clausterphobic. 

5. Additional comments 

I was making Cal’s birthday present while we were talking which is a big birthday piece of art that I decoupaged together. It’s an inside joke based on the fact that when Cal was in high school his girlfriend got him into decoupaging, which I found hilarious. Then later in life I got into it a bit myself, and like to decoupage art and book covers and postcards onto canvases that I find in thrift shops instead of the standard John Lewis or Ikea selection you see in a lot of people’s homes. I also have some regular art, but my flat is full of art that I’ve made myself as well. ANYWAY. Cal came over to my parents’ home one time with me a couple of months ago and I had made them one of these pieces of art and Cal said, “Oh, is that decoupage?!” which my mum thought was the absolute funniest thing that she had ever heard. She mocked him, but in a much higher pitch and thus the running joke of, “OOOOOH, is that DECOUPAGE?!” was born. I don’t think Cal will ever forgive my mum, and I will never let him forget. Hence the “is that decoupage?” on the canvas. 

I’m very OCD when it comes to the layouts and need everything to be symmetrical, then I usually add bits and bobs at the end so it doesn’t look too bland. I put a bunch of cards and postcards all over it with bits of flare on top. It’s basically a giant birthday card on a canvas. I had all the cards in my flat since I’ve got pen pals all over London. Getting post is exciting. Kate and I send each other a card at least once a week and I’ve framed quite a few of them.

More of the textual feelings that didn’t merge naturally into this post:


After I sent the photo of that dog I neglected Cal for like five minutes and he freaked me and sent me all these texts rapid fire…


Like, chill. It’s a dog. Not a unicorn. Or a whale. If I sent you a photo of a whale you can freak out, but this is just a dog wearing a necklace. 

IMG_6881 IMG_6882 IMG_6883 IMG_6884 IMG_6885 IMG_6886

Still didn’t find out what the bunny was for…

Anyhow! That’s it for today. Technically it is still ‘today’ in other parts of the world even if it is arse o’clock on Day 12 in London…had a big one last night and didn’t have my wits about me to edit this properly sooooo, it only took me 10 days to fall behind. I’m not going to lie…thought I would crack earlier.

Until tomorrow! (/Later today…)

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