Buzzfeed Article: “The Discussion On Harry Styles’ Sexuality Is Proof That The World Is Losing Its Mind”



Even if you don’t google One Direction news as I do occasionally (read: daily), you have more likely than not heard about some controversy that’s been stirring over a comment Harry Styles made when Liam Payne said that one his favourite features in a girl he fancies is “being female,” to which Harry replied, “not that important.”

That was, pretty much verbatim, all that was said. And now the world has lost its Goddamn mind over it. I kid you not. And this isn’t a question of Harry Styles’ sexuality, it’s one of his privacy. And it’s a conversation that goes beyond Cloud hacking and deeper into speculation and exploitation of a twenty year-old.

It’s also kind of funny. So, have a look (and if you like, maybe share it with friends, loved ones, parents, Radio 1 DJs):




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