“Can you not?!” #OnWednesdaysWeWrite

¡Hola! This week for #OnWednesdaysWeWrite I chose a very simple topic, which is…

“Can you not?”

Aka, anything that other people do that annoys you. Anything that makes you feel like




For me there are SO many things that I can’t EVEN about. A lot of which are just things that people are completely unaware that they’re doing…

Like, can you not eat crips in a quiet room because it sounds like you’re eating in surround sound?

Or…Can you not discredit One Direction’s music because their audience is primarily female?

Because of the overwhelming amount of things that grind my gears, I decided to make this week’s prompt more succinct and today have just put statements with gifs.

Here’s a couple more:

Can you not cut your finger and/or toenails in front of me?

Can you not mansplain everything to me?

And so forth…

I shall post a more elaborate post eventually, but for today this is what I’ve got.


Also, without further adieu…here is the most brilliant story I received last week from the “most interesting car journey” prompt via @LiaBarber on Twitter:

(This story comes from Hungary where Uber does not operate)

In 2014 my friend and I had a trip in Eindhoven to go see my friend’s brother who lives there. One day we went out for drinks near the airport (my friend’s brother is a steward). The owner of the pub left the place open for a few hours after closing because of us because we were fun company (all the stewards and stewardesses were from different nations like Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Hungary). Everyone was dancing and singing songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody” as well as old and new boy bands like Backstreet Boys and One Direction.

When we were about to go home via our friend’s tiny electronic car the Belgian guy started the engine and then he realized that he is was drunk to drive. He then passed the keys to the German guy who only drank one beer and was totally sober. The Belgian guy then got out and got into the other car and then we were off.

Five minutes later we realized the key wasn’t in the engine. I’ve never been in an electronic car before so we were so shocked that he nearly slammed on the breaks. We were all pretty drunk in the backseat and were like, “WHAT? HE TOOK THE KEYS? THEN HOW IS THE CAR STILL GOING WITHOUT A KEY?!”

The driver then calmly stated that it was all okay, but also simultaneously asked the Belgian guy how to park the car without a key.

We were a bit terrified, but the car was still moving so it was okay as far as we were concerned.

We then approached a roundabout and immediately saw a police car coming after us, so naturally we were a bit shitting ourselves because the car reeked of beer big time, but luckily the cop car got off the motorway at the next exit.

We were lucky because they don’t stop foreign cars. (We were diving a car with a Begian license plate number in Hungary.)

A good ten minutes later we arrived home in one piece at home.

Maybe not the funniest story ever, but it was one hell of a ride for sure.


Please feel free to share what you would rather people not do in the comments section here or on twitter or via tumblr or you can email me an elaborate rant at sao@sexatoxbridge.com

What are you thinking?