I Always Was One for Crying

‘It hurts that I can’t remember sunlight …’

The feeling is one you usually experience at the beginning of the year, not at the beginning of the summer when you feel like sunlight is all that you get.

When you enter post-exams socialising and events which you’d previously coordinated with an ex-boyfriend it doesn’t exactly make for great celebrations. Unfortunately Dale and I weren’t exactly required to be in the same place at the same place until now. While I may have tried to revert to old ways and have since slept with T and had an affairish time with Dr. Boy, it doesn’t mean that I want to see who I presumed to be the love of my life flirting with anyone else. It was hard enough that he didn’t agonise over our breakup as I did, I don’t want to see him moving on. I want to win this breakup. I’m not winning this breakup. In fact, I’m very much proving to him over and over again that I am not over him. Or maybe I’m just proving that to myself.

For some reason this is stuck in my head.

What are you thinking?