I Need Your Help and Opinions

Hey there everybody,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. I have a massive favour to ask of you all.

So, thank you to everyone who checked out my last Buzzfeed article, The Discussion On Harry Styles’ Sexuality Is Proof That The World Is Losing Its Mind. And if you haven’t read it, go read it now. Seriously. A One Direction Tumblr page has officially as of today generated more hits than my own website. Do not underestimate the power of that fan group. And from what I’ve gathered from my research, don’t make them angry either. Luckily everyone I’ve spoken with has been extremely nice and helpful.

I have been asked to write a non-gif based article on the same issue for an online magazine, and am trying to shift the discussion from is he/isn’t he to a critique of privacy issues in the media and really question journalistic integrity (aka the Yahoo Celebrity UK article, Mike Adams, Lauren Toyota and all the other journalists publishing their unsolicited opinions on Harry Styles’ sexual orientation).

Whether someone is posting stolen nude photos of celebrities or exploiting the speculation over a twenty year-old’s sexuality, things have gotten pretty out of control and I would like to hear anything anyone thinks about the way in which the media is discussing not only Harry Styles, but celebrities in general. If you only want to talk about Harry Styles, that’s fine as well.

You can comment below, tweet me @sexatoxbridge or if you prefer you can email me sao@sexatoxbridge.com …your help and opinions are, as always, greatly appreciated.

Thank you xx


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