Happy New Year everybody! Unlike 2018 where by the time I made it to February I was like

this January has flown by. Which actually furthers my theory that 2018 was some kind of Black Mirror simulation like in the “Kill the DJ” episode. Every day of January 2018 felt about a year long. Which doesn’t add up to 84, but you get what I mean.

ANYWAY. Last January I had kidney stones, moved twice, and was fired once, then ended up on a friend’s couch for a couple months, so this January was already infinitely better as I was fully employed the entire time, relatively healthy, and back in my original apartment I left last January. Long story. Not that interesting. But, I hope everyone will excuse my less than constant online presence due to extenuating circumstances and the uneasy feeling that I was having some kind of Groundhog Day or Russian Doll-like reality thrust upon me.

Speaking of being thrust upon, I know I didn’t really expand on what happened with Dick Pic Dude™ (spoiler alert: we slept together for a couple months), and then I dated a girl for awhile which I’ll probably get to on the blog eventually, but if you think it’s hard dating men…try dating women. To be fair she’s pretty much my personality doppelgänger so it was definitely fun, but we had an open relationship and she ended up getting knocked up by a guy she was also seeing so short story long I’m now helping her plan a baby shower! That’s what exes do right?! Which brings me to another ex…only OG SAO readers will remember Grey from my second year at uni. Very uptight. Cheated on me. Didn’t trust horses. Did I mention that before? Well I’m mentioning it now. Who doesn’t trust horses?! This guy. Anyway him and I have been exchanging trans-continental emails which are cordial as they could be and kind of reinforcing my idea that we should’ve just been friends and never dated in the first place because I do genuinely like him as a person, we just were inherently incompatible as a couple. This is why Leos shouldn’t date each other.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Writing.

Okay, so. I’ve wanted to find a way to incorporate other people into this blog and have had this idea for awhile, which is to have more of a collaborative effort here so I’m not just shouting into the void about all the people I’m banging. I started this blog because I was bored with my subject at uni and they say to write what you know…but I think I’ve clearly been deviating from writing exclusively about my love life for awhile. Mainly because I didn’t have one for quite some time. This past year was actually the closest I’ve come to my uni years in terms of dating and I’ll probably incorporate those stories into future posts, but I want to start a sort of book club for writing. So…a writing club.

It started with a hashtag that I got from one of my favourite films…

I came up with the name…and then I sat there for like thirty minutes…

Then I remembered what Ben (aka Lad Boy) use to always say to me, which was that I come up with my best ideas when drunk, so I had a drink and…

I’m not completely sure how this is going to go…or if this is the ideal timeline…it might become a bi-weekly effort, but I want to just try doing this weekly for a month. I might be the only person who does it! (I won’t…I’m definitely going to make some of my friends do this so I don’t look like Billy No-Mates.)

Here’s the format:

TUESDAY: Theme for the week is announced.


THURSDAY-FRIDAY: Submit! (If you want!)

SATURDAY (…or Sunday): Submissions posted here! (If you want!)

I asked for ideas as to what the first theme should be on Twitter and it was a bit like

But PER USUAL I have to do EVERYTHING around here!!

So…without further adieu…this week’s theme is…

A suggestion by my good friend Kat on Twitter (@Kitty_16) . . .

“Write about one of your strangest Uber rides.”

I believe this was prompted by my relentless commentary about Uber on Twitter, as I use it exclusively for my mode of transportation in Los Angeles. I would elaborate it to be your strangest/best/worst Uber/Lyft/black cab/yellow cab/gypsy cab/dollar cab/general ride though…just write about a car journey basically. If it’s Uber related, great. Maybe they’ll give me some free credits or something.

Anyway! If you feel like participating, please do! Even if you just write something for yourself and tell me about it on Tumblr or Twitter, that’s great! If you want what you’ve written featured on my website please email it to sao@sexatoxbridge.com and I shall do a read-through, offer editing suggestions and/or check for typos depending on how much input you’d like.

Should be fun, no??

Okay, team! Let’s do this!



What are you thinking?