Post Script on “Here’s the Thing”

In this post I spoke about child abuse, and at the end I know I distinctly said “NO ONE TALK TO ME” but I meant more in the sense that we don’t need to impose weird social media courtesy on things like this. On Twitter when I spoke about this it was easier to say, “don’t feel like you have to ‘like’ this or anything…” it’s always going to be an uncomfortable subject to talk about and read about, but I think one of the most surprising things about becoming an adult is finding out how universal abuse seems to be for women in many forms.

I know in the past I’ve spoken about emotional and physical abuse, and adding this to it really makes it seem like it’s been prevalent throughout my entire life, but I can assure you that hasn’t been the case. For the most part I have lived a fairly standard non-traumatic life with isolated incidents of physical and sexual abuse. I do have a tendency to make statements like that which are dismissive of the abuse, as a psychologist once told me, and at times when I see the kind of children that Ashton Kutcher’s organisation is saving I do feel lucky that abuse wasn’t an everyday reality. The memory of it is an everyday reality, but like I said it happened when I was so young that I’ve never known any different.

Whilst burying things deep inside until I die is my preferred method of coping, like most difficult topics I’ve discussed here (anorexia, emotional/physical abuse, breaking up with friends) I write them because, as previously mentioned, it took me until I was an adult to realise how many other people were silently going through the same thing.

So whilst I don’t particularly fancy sitting and rehashing this event with people in my life that already know about it, I am always available for anyone who needs to talk about what’s happened to them. You can email me or you can send me an anonymous message on tumblr (you don’t need a tumblr account to do so), or just comment here and ask me not to publish the comment (every comment requires my approval).


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