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I’m getting in trouble all over the place

The saucy diary blog of a Belle d’Oxbridge rocks dreaming spires – “An Oxbridge student who describes herself as a ‘closet nympho’ has started a racy blog detailing her sex life at university.”

Sex and Oxbridge under the cover of the web – “what sets the new ‘dish the dirty’ blog apart is the claim that it is written by a student at Oxford or Cambridge. Somehow the notion that the nation’s nerds aren’t just pondering Plato or Pinter, but — wow! — actually getting some is thought worthy of attention.”

Oxbridge sex blogger ‘lifts lid on university love life’ – “An anonymous female blogger has begun a racy online diary describing her sexual exploits and affairs at an Oxbridge college.”

Universlutty Challenge – “A BRAINY girl student with a “voracious appetite for sex” is at the centre of a whodunnit mystery after writing a blog about her one-night stands.”

Oxbridge student starts sex blog – “She exclusively told The Cambridge Student why she decided to start the blog: ‘I’m a fairly private person when it comes to my sex life, shocking I know, which is part of the reason I decided to start writing about it.'”