SAO and Lad Boy Q&A: Sesh 3

What are your views on interracial dating? Is this something you’ve done before? Would you try it sometime in the future? Have you ever dated someone from a different race. [Clarified in a later question to be someone from a different ethnic or cultural background].

SAO: Of course I’ve dated someone from a different cultural background. Last week I went out with someone who lives in Shoreditch.

LB: You’re such a dick. Did he give you his Gameboy necklace?

SAO: All joking aside, it’s a bit of a ridiculous question. Everyone is from a different cultural background/upbringing to a certain extent. I’ve dated many different nationalities as seen in my “Around the World” blog post series. So, yes I am open to dating people outside of the homogenous species of the Kings Road. #sure

LB: I get what you’re talking about…that’s a lie, I don’t get what you’re talking about at all. You’re not that fussy to stick to the KR crew.

SAO: Truth. I’m an equal opportunist.

LB: That you are.

SAO: Just yesterday I slept with a French dude.

LB: What else would you do on the Sabbath.

SAO: What wouldn’t I do on the Sabbath?

LB: Truth. Ok, so answering the question, first off, I get what you’re saying, and for some families, it can cause a rift. A mate of mine dated a girl from a strict Muslim family and when she stayed over for the first time, they found out that her parents had been out all night banging on the doors of all of her friends’ houses to try to find out where she was. So yes, I completely understand that for some families it can be a sticking point.

For me though, I’ve dated girls from all over and from way different backgrounds from mine, as long as you get on, all is good.

SAO: Is “dated” a liberal way of saying “shagged”?

LB: Maybe…that’s a liberal way of saying yes.

SAO: Roflcopter.

LB: How old are you!? So all in all, if you like someone for who they are, nothing else should matter.

SAO: Gaaaayyyyyyy.

[Side convo: LB was typing as I ate my dinner and dictated and put “Gaaaayyyy!!” to which I said, you need to calm down with the overuse of the exclamation mark!!] Jokes.

Do you think getting back together with an ex can ever work?

LB: Sex with an ex is like watching the final ever episode of Entourage…it leaves you feeling emotional and sensitive, but content and with a huge smile on your face.

SAO: Didn’t you cry when we watched that?

LB: Tears of joy. So I’ve never got back together with an ex – you break up for a reason, remember those reasons and you’ll never get back together again.

SAO: There are exes I always think ‘What if …’ about, but at the end of the day everything happens for a reason and I wouldn’t be where I am now or have the choices and freedom I have now had I factored anyone else into my life, which basically I wouldn’t have had I stayed with Dale or gotten back together with The Ex. Long story short, yes I’ve thought about it, but in no way have I ever considered it to be a smart option. It makes me sad sometimes, but most of the time I’m just happy that my life is that much better without them as it is.

What are your turn ons and turn offs?

LB: Turn ons = naked girls, girls that are naked and girls that are getting naked. Turn offs = girls that are not yet naked.

SAO: Turn ons = the way guys smell. Sounds weird, can’t really explain it. But I have a strong smell association with people. A sense of humour

Do you think a relationship can be recovered if someone cheats? LB have you ever cheated on a girlfriend or be cheated on?

LB: I’ve been cheated on and done the cheating. I’ll never do it again, it crushed her and I lost the girl of my dreams.

SAO: I’ve been cheated on and cheated in retaliation, nothing good comes of it. I think if you cheat, telling the person you’ve cheated on is selfish unless you know they’re going to find out from somebody else. Live with what you’ve done, but don’t hurt the other person because you fucked up. Go read the stories about Grey from the summer of 2010 – nothing good comes from staying with someone who’s cheated on you.

LB: Tend to agree, but generally if you’re cheating on someone there are most likely other issues.

SAO: True, but if it’s just a one-off, drunken mistake, live with the guilt.

LB: Or the pride.

SAO: Dick.

LB: I joke, I take that back.

SAO: No backsies.

LB: It says, ‘do you think a relationship can ever be recovered if you cheat?’ I think you get one ‘get out of jail free’ card.

SAO: One ‘get out of the relationship free’ card. Relationships suck. Avoid them at all costs.

LB: As she takes a swig of reduced to clear lash.

SAO: I do love beer. Especially when it’s on discount.

Who are your celebrity crushes?

LB: Jessica Alba and Gal Gadot. Amen to women that look like them.

SAO: Don’t really have one.

LB: Just regular crushes then?

SAO: Kind of.

LB: You must have one.

SAO: Nothing comes to mind.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

LB: I believe in lust at first sight.

SAO: Twins! I was going to say that.

LB: Lies, you are just copying me.

SAO: That may be so, but it is still so true. I’ve fallen in love pretty quickly, but it wasn’t at first sight. Is that a literal saying? Or is it like love at first meeting. Because I’ve definitely fallen in love with people after just knowing them for an hour.

LB: Where’s the ‘hard to get’ SAO?

SAO: I don’t think I’m really that hard to get.

LB: Lolcano.

SAO: I’ve never heard that!

LB: Boom! … If I fell in love with all the women I fancied at first sight, I’d be in a lot of trouble.

SAO: Maybe that’s why I get into so much trouble.

LB: No, you get in trouble because you fall on men.

SAO: Oops, I fell over! Oh, I fell over again!

LB: Oh, you’re brothers? Oh … my bad.

SAO: Not funny … Okay, it’s kind of funny.

Dear SAO, I wonder sometimes, you’re so detailed in the way you write about all that happens to you, have you ever worried somebody you know might put the puzzle pieces together and figure out who you are?

SAO: Not really. I don’t tell everyone every detail of my life and Lad Boy is the only one who really knows the extent of it, so if someone were to recognise anything chances are that we would be close enough friends that I wouldn’t mind them knowing.

LB: I feel so special.

SAO: You look so special.

What are your favourite drinks?

SAO: Boring question.

LB: Second that.

SAO: I’ll pretty much drink anything.

LB: Liberal on all sides of life.

SAO: I prefer, non-discriminatory.

Do you want children? How many?

SAO: That’s way too deep for me to consider at such a shallow point in my life. I’m too selfish to consider children.

LB: I can’t even look after myself, how could I look after kids?

SAO: You look after me a lot.

LB: By providing you my friends?

SAO: Erroneous. Your friends seek me out.

How excited are you about the new MiC series? Who are your favourite characters?

SAO: Didn’t watch the premiere. Caggie is my favourite. She reminds me of myself.

LB: Pfft.

SAO: What?

LB: It’s trash telly. I have no idea why everyone goes mental over it. Funny story: I saw one of the characters try to get into Crazy Larry’s, went up to the bouncer really pissed and was like, “Yeah, can I get in?” and the bouncer was like, “Yeah, if you wait in line.” And he was like, “I’m on Made in Chelsea! I don’t queue!”. The bouncer erupted in laughter. It was hilarious.

SAO: Sounds like a douche. They’re all pretty douchey.

LB: Yeah, and so wet. The guys have nothing to offer.

SAO: They really don’t. I’m not particularly taken with any of them. They’re amusing, but that’s about it really.

How does one go about getting a shag buddy?

SAO: It helps if you shag them first, and figure out if they’re even good at it before you make it a consistent kind of thing.

LB: Girls always fall in love with me, it can’t happen for me. Arr-ogant!

SAO: You’re so vain.

LB: That doesn’t even make sense. But look at the last one, she had to be dumped twice! You know she’s now moving abroad?

SAO: Nope, interesting.

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  1. Phoebe says:

    Hey SAO and LB,
    I do love your q and a sessions. Your answers go from honest to humourous, perfect mixture and light hearted reading for a Saturday morning.
    Poor LB losing the girl of his dreams because he cheated on her. Can I ask why you cheated on her? Was it alcohol induced or were you fully aware of what you were doing? Out of your friends, how many of them do you know have cheated on someone?
    Also, SAO, will you be blogging about your stories with the boys in your life as well as this?
    Hope you have a lovely Easter and indulge in lots of chocolate :) I’ll think up some more questions if you’re continuing the q and n thing. Have a lovely day.
    Phoebe xx

  2. Phoebe says:

    Oh and it’s the Oxbridge boat race today. Are you doing anything for it? Cheering on your university team?!

  3. Lizzy says:

    I’m going to Oxbridge in September but I’m still a virgin – are there many people who start Oxbridge as virgins. Does anyone care?

  4. Sophie says:

    My boyfriend is going to Oxford next year but I’ll still be in school. Is this common? Can it work? Will he cheat on me/get the piss taken out of him for having a girlfriend still at school?

    • M says:

      I’m at Cambridge and I have a friend with a girlfriend who was still at school when he started uni. I wouldn’t say it’s common, but we didn’t tease him for too long – he didn’t see it as anything to be ashamed of, so it quickly became boring, so it pretty much depends on how your boyfriend deals with it. My friend and his girlfriend are still together and he has never cheated, even though he’s attractive and outgoing, and drinks a lot. It depends on your relationship, but communication is the key!

  5. Sophie says:

    When you were at Oxbridge did you notice any divide between rich students and poor students? In terms of friendships and relationships?

  6. guest reader says:

    LB- If you could go back in time, is there anyone touring would have stopped SAO from being with?

    SAO- did anyone at Oxbridge say to you could “You need to read this blog?!”

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