SAO and Lad Boy Q&A: Sesh 4

Would you let LB blog about the girls he sees or is he only allowed to have a part in the Q & A part?

SAO: I would let him do whatever his little heart desires.

LB: I had an ex-girlfriend who called my penis “heart”.

SAO: Really?

LB: No.

LB, why did you cheat on your ex-girlfriend who was “the girl of your dreams”? Was it alcohol induced or were you fully aware of what you were doing?

LB: Mix infatuation with emotional retardation and you’ve got the reason.

Out of your friends, how many of them do you know have cheated on someone?

LB: All of them. And yes, that’s girls included.

SAO: Most of them. I’m not convinced that people are meant to be monogamous. In a perfect world or relationship, sure. But I don’t think you should have all your eggs in one basket, so whether it’s physical or emotional cheating, I think it just happens.

SAO, will you be blogging about your stories with the boys in your life as well as the Q&A seshes with Lad Boy?

SAO: I will be, yes. But the Q&A is more fun.

LB: Any interaction with boys is more fun for you.

SAO: Truth.

Did you do anything for the Oxford-Cambridge Boatrace?

SAO: I sure did. It was emotional. Whether it was happy or sad emotions is for me to know and you to never find out, but I was definitely partying with uni mates at the afterparty and it definitely got messy.

LB: That it did. Any night where we fall asleep on a bus home I consider messy.

SAO: Sorry I dribbled on your shoulder … again.

I’m going to Oxbridge in September but I’m still a virgin – are there many people who start Oxbridge as virgins. Does anyone care?

SAO: No one cares, but more importantly, no one has to know. It’s no one’s business unless you want it to be. I started at Oxbridge as a virgin and once I found someone I liked and trusted enough I slept with them. I was sober and we had been dating for four months I should add. I think it’s important to set yourself standards and stick to them. Mine were simple, I didn’t want it to be a drunken one-night stand that I would regret. I have no regrets. Even if the guy ended up being a total dick.

LB: A lot of people start uni a virgin. It’s not an issue unless you make it one. Have fun and do what feels right.

My boyfriend is going to Oxford next year but I’ll still be in school. Is this common? Can it work? Will he cheat on me/get the piss taken out of him for having a girlfriend still at school

SAO: Yes it is common. No it probably won’t work. Yes he will probably cheat on you. And he won’t get the piss taken because he probably won’t tell anyone he has a girlfriend. Soz.

LB: [Literally, not figuratively, laughing out loud as I typed that] You just destroyed her life.

SAO: I mean, it CAN work. But only if he’s an extraordinarily loyal like a puppy. It happens, but in general, it’s going to be stressful for both of you.

LB: Bad example, puppies drool and they’re inquisitive. But honestly, it’s a hard transition period. Good luck. I give it six months.

SAO: Generous.

When you were at Oxbridge did you notice any divide between rich students and poor students? In terms of friendships and relationships.

SAO: Poor people don’t go to Oxbridge. Jokes. I noticed no social divide. Mostly because when you’re a student, everyone is poor. Okay that’s a lie too. Long story short, no, there was no class divide.

LB: I wouldn’t say there’s a divide between rich and poor. It’s more partiers vs geeks. And the geeks generally win in terms of numbers anyway.

SAO: I was obvs a total geek.

LB: Was?

LB. If you could go back in time, is there anyone you would have stopped SAO from being with?

LB: No, the more people equals the more stories that fill my days.

SAO: Not even Kash?

LB: … That was after uni. Would you say you slept with him?

SAO: We definitely tried our best. He was too drunk and I was too asleep.

LB: It’s not rape, it’s surprise sex.

SAO/LB: Lol.

Sidenote: All sexual relations were consentual.

Did anyone at Oxbridge say to you could “You need to read this blog?!”

SAO: No. I do have friends who read it though. They’re mentioned it in passing. One of Lad Boy’s old housemates followed me on Twitter the other day. Awkward.

LB: No one ever said that to me. Blog’s shit. Don’t know why anyone reads it.

SAO: Love you toooo.


And now SAO and LB ask each other a question …

LB: I asked you first last time.

SAO: I don’t remember.

LB: You don’t remember?!

SAO: I’ll go, it’s a good one.

SAO: Ha, lies. I haven’t come up with one yet. Go get us another beer. [At this point I almost accidentally spill almost empty beer on computer.]

LB: We need to start separating these activities for fear of computer abuse.

SAO: Do you think that you will marry [ex-girlfriend I wrote about before who is away but coming back in due time ... they only broke up because of distance.]

LB: I would say there is a high probability of that happening.

SAO: Part two – can I be the best man?

LB: Umm … if you grow a penis.

SAO: What?! You are definitely part of my bridal party. And yes I have my bridal party planned.

LB: Get married before me, getting with a bridesmaid has always been a dream of mine. Uhh, I need to be properly single.

SAO: Let’s face it, it’s entirely likely that neither of us will ever get married with these kind of morals. But seriously, can I be an usher at least?

LB: You can be the page boy.

SAO: Flower girl?

LB: If you want to dress in a pink tutu, sure.

SAO: We have this in writing now. But just so you know, you’re definitely going to be a bromaid.

LB: Would you rather eat fresh monkey brain or have sex with a grotty hobo?

SAO: Well I’ve already eaten monkey brain, so I’d definitely say that.

LB: Really?

SAO: Yes. On my gap yah.

LB: I’d literally throw up before I’d eat that I think.

SAO: Surely you’d throw up after you ate it.

LB: I’d probably see it and throw up. What was it like?

SAO: Thinly sliced.

LB: Ugh.

SAO: Actually I didn’t eat it! Someone else had it. I ate frogs.

LB: So back to the question then.

SAO: Definitely still monkey brains over hobo. I’d rather have aggressive food poisoning than aggressive life fail. Dumb question.

LB: I didn’t know they were meant to be clever.

SAO: Come up with a different one.

LB: And on that bombshell …


Until next time xx

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  1. talesofme33 says:

    Hey SAO and LB,
    These Q&A sessions are really helping the revision procrastination so thanks :) SAO I guess I have a question for you, how hard do you find it to keep your identity secret while blogging – especially with all the attention your blog gets/has got in the media?
    Also, what are your opinions on the whole “girls who have male morals are sluts” debate?
    Love the blog – keep it up.
    LB so glad you’ve popped into these Q&A session – totes hilar ;)
    Peace x

  2. talesofme33 says:

    Oooo while I remember I also have 2 more questions:
    Opinion on LDRs?
    Opinion on open relationships?
    Peace x

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