Reasons I’ve Broken Up with People: No. 10

10. He had road rage.

Okay so this is the same guy from these posts:

…there were SO many reasons to break up with him. Like way too many. So many that it’s astounding that I was with him for so long. Literally ever single one of my friends who met him were like, “Uhh yeah wtf were you even doing?” after we broke up. One friend even said that to my face BEFORE we broke up, so I can only say that it was situational and

Back to the road rage thing.

The stupid thing about this was that he wasn’t even driving. We were in New York and leaving for the airport. Things were already super tense because we were meant to be joined by a third person but all of our luggage wouldn’t fit so she had to get her own cab.

There’s more to that story…but it involves the deterioration of a friendship with that woman and we hadn’t spoken a word to each other in the days leading up to leaving New York and then she tried to be super nice when trying to share a ride with us and then when she had to get her own cab she blew up and never spoke to me ever again.

There’s WAY more to this entire story, but it’s neither here nor there. It’s in the past. We all worked together, our boss hit me, we all left, but I feel like people resented me for that, and that woman eventually went back to working for the guy who hit me even though she was standing right next to me when it happened.

ANYWAY. This isn’t about that. This is about my ex.

Apparently we completely misjudged traffic because we were still sitting in stopped traffic on the motorway when check-in opened. It wasn’t quite a panic moment just yet. I’ve rocked up to Heathrow a minute before check-in closed and made it. But there was something about this that made me think, “…We’re gonna miss this fuckin flight…”

And we did.

But first, something that looked like karma but that I don’t really call karma because that other woman really was a total bitch, this woman we bounced from our cab arrived at the airport before us.

“Why…the FUCK is she there?” my (ugh) boyfriend shouted at the driver. “We left before her! Why is she already there?!” He then, and oh my GOD I can’t believe this actually happened, he actually…


I fumed in embarrassment and rage at his horrendous behaviour and language. I was taught as a child that the “c” word is the worst possible word that you can say, and thus I never say it. Ever. I cringe when I hear it despite its relative prevalence amongst English culture. But I especially have an internal panic when I hear it used with such malice and I immediately wished that my boyfriend would direct his negative energy anywhere else but at this poor driver who was just doing his best. It wasn’t his fault that Google Maps didn’t exist in 2012 and that there was no way to know the fastest route!

My companion then proceeded to call his airline, United (now that’s karma), whilst I called my airline, Virgin Atlantic (because I’m not a fuckin moron), to change our now departing flights.

My phone call took about two minutes and cost me £50 to get on the next flight because Richard Branson really knows what he’s doing with his life. My acquaintance next to me in this cab spent about half an hour on hold and then was told that there was no option to change his flight and that he would have to buy a new one. And by “he’d have to buy a new one” I mean that had to buy a new one. Because he was broke and this is where no. 7, aka him owing me lots of money, comes in. I couldn’t exactly leave him stranded at JFK, as much as I wanted to after his little show in the cab. In hindsight I one hundred percent should have left him at JFK.

Anyway, after we had our new flights set and I was separated from him as I went to the Virgin lounge, yeah I’m a member, it’s no big deal, I don’t wanna talk about it, I was sat drinking my free gin and tonic and I was like, “Wow. What a fuckin a-hole…” Just as I thought this I received a text from said “c” word-spewing a-hole telling me how much he loved me and I’d never been more sure that I did not feel the same.

What are you thinking?