Reasons I’ve Broken Up with People: No. 11

11. He made fun of a homeless man.

I feel like this really doesn’t need further elaboration. But I’ll let you know what happened after I dumped that P.O.S. on the spot. Literally. I was like, “I can’t believe you just said that,” and then bid him fuckin adieu.

I turned around and ditched the guy to go back to the homeless man who was sitting down with his dog and gave him all the change in my purse.

“Are you going to be here later?” I asked the man.

“Yeah, this is where I sleep usually,” he replied. It was close to my flat in a very central part of London, and nearing winter. There’s literally no part of the city that is warm or inhabitable outside at night for the majority of the year, but the weather was starting to really change drastically so I told the man that I’d be back soon and headed to my flat.

I had a large bowl of change that I’d dumped random coins into over the previous months and emptied it into a ziplock bag before going to my pantry and pulling out a random box of dog food (I don’t know why I had it), and other items of food that wouldn’t perish quickly along with some fruit. I then went to my linen cupboard and pulled out a duvet I hadn’t even looked at in a year and threw it into a bin liner before heading back towards the man to give it to him.

After doing a prayer circle with the man and his other homeless friends at his request (I’m not religious but I’m not going to burst his bubble), I walked home and deleted that guy’s number from my phone.

You really don’t know what’s happened to someone before you’ve met them and I don’t know what that homeless man was going through, but I certainly wasn’t going to judge him. I would hope that if I needed help someone would extend some kindness towards me so I try to treat everyone as I’d like to be treated. And if you’re going to be a piece of shit and make fun of people less fortunate than you, I will want absolutely nothing to do with you.

What are you thinking?