Reasons I’ve Broken Up with People: No. 2

2. Every time he ordered a round of drinks he’d get a shot of Sambuca and take it thinking no one noticed. I hate the smell of Sambuca.

I’m just going to start off by saying, it wasn’t about the Sambuca…it was about the lying. Well, and the Sambuca, I really do hate that smell.

This relationship went way too far for someone I was just casually hooking up with but then somehow ended up living with (out of boredom and curiosity if I’m totally honest). In the list of about 50 reasons now that I’ve broken up with people, he’s about five of them. This one is probably the most innocuous but gives you an idea of what kind of person he was.

I started to notice this trend of him taking a shot with every round of drinks he ordered when he was angry one night. I was standing next to him as ordered the shot with the round of drinks and took it before taking the tray of pints back to our table. I kind of thought it was odd, but he was in a foul mood and I wasn’t about to press the issue. He ended up doing it all night and by the time we got home he reeked of Sambuca, which had me like

because yeah, not one of my top five smells to be honest.

When it really became a problem was when, about a month later, it was my round and I gave him my card to go get the drinks and he came back, with that god-awful smell of anise on his breath and when he handed my my card and receipt I noticed that he’d spent £10 on a double shot of Sambuca on my card. When I straight up asked him if he’d done it he made this sheepish/childish-looking mock “I don’t know” face that wasn’t in the slightest bit endearing, and I was just like, “Don’t do that again.”

It was just a very strange, borderline alcoholic habit, and it didn’t sit well with me.

The night we broke up we were at The Folly near Monument Station and when we arrived I immediately ran into the guy I’d been sleeping with prior to dating Sambuca Sam and as awkward as that was I had no choice but to introduce them when my ex came up to say hello. We hadn’t had any kind of dramatic breakup, we were really more just sleeping with each other consistently but not exclusively for about a year and then got busy and stopped calling each other, but as I was catching up with him and noticing Sambuca Sam taking his shot out of the corner of my eye I was like, “I need to get that guy out of my house and out of my life so that I can call this guy who never smells like Sambuca immediately.” Which is eventually what I did, but I’ll get to that around reason no. 32.

I kind of knew that evening was the end of things before it all came to a head in a completely unexpected way (again…for a later time). However, for me it really ended when as I was sat at our table, watching people walk to and from the underground and wondering if the random public toilets that are smack in the middle of the street are ever opened or even used, I looked over in time to see SS take a shot before taking his card from the bartender. He had just come back in from having a cigarette and the idea of kissing that combination of flavours in his mouth actually repulsed me.

And that is why this is number two on the list.

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