Reasons I’ve Broken Up with People: No. 7

7. He owed/still owes me £700

So remember how I said the guy from No. 2, Sambuca Sam, would have a few reasons on this list, well he’s up again already.

One of the reasons it was so infuriating that he was using my money to buy himself secret shots of Sambuca was because he already used a lot of my money and I’d had yet to see any of it again. The end of our relationship was difficult because things were getting worse and worse for him, but through no one’s fault but his own.

It started when we collectively left our jobs where we worked together because of a psychopath boss who had hit me in the face in front of our entire office. True story. The beginning of the end with my boyfriend began with that slap, because my boyfriend was standing right next to me, and he did nothing. For a bit of perspective on other reactions to me being hit in the face, my best friend, aka “Lad Boy” on this blog, went ballistic. He also got extremely angry when he found out that my boyfriend did nothing. And when your best friends start to hate your significant other it really doesn’t bode well.

So I left the job, and in solidarity so did my boyfriend. We had been living together, but I had decided I wanted to move since the flat was only convenient for my now ex-job and when I started to look for places I decided that I wanted to live alone, and not only because I was sick of paying my boyfriend’s rent. You see, when we quit our jobs, I immediately got like three jobs to supplement my income while I looked for another one because I didn’t want to be homeless. My boyfriend on the other hand moved in with his parents when I downsized to a house-share with people and told him he couldn’t come with. I had said when he started making money we could look for a new flat together, but that was a lie.

This boyfriend had been many things before having the job he had when he met me. One career path had been electrician and whilst we were meeting up for drinks in between one of my many shifts one day he told me that his brother had offered him some work as an electrician but he had turned it down because, “I don’t do manual labour.” I was like, “Bitch I just lugged a keg up from a cellar at the pub I’m working at. And you’re too good to wire a fucking light?”

The reason that I know that he owes me exactly £697, which I rounded up to £700 because of interest, is because I didn’t just loan him a lump sum. It was like a running tab that I kept extensive notes on, and you better fucking believe that the shot of Sambuca was on there. The ultimate reason I finally called it off comes at a later reason, but the fact that he clearly has no intention of ever paying me back really isn’t even the biggest reason things didn’t work out. It was his complete lack of a work ethic and drive to do anything better.

Lack of ambition has got to be the biggest turn off ever. I could have handled him paying me back a quid every day for 697 days if he was actually following through with anything, but he was sitting there blaming everyone but himself for the shitty way his life was turning out. And of all the reasons on this list, this (and actually the final reason about him) is the ultimate deal breaker.


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