Sex at Oxbridge, Buzzfeed and Louis Tomlinson

I wanted to take a moment to explain to the amazing people who read what I post on this website and have continued to do so despite me veering a bit off course with what started as a blog about my sex life and has now somehow ended up turning into a blog (albeit temporarily) about One Direction.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Tumblr knows that I like One Direction. However, I have tried to compartmentalise that side of my interests to Twitter, Tumblr and, until today, Buzzfeed. I started writing articles on the Buzzfeed Community page because, quite simply, they have very convenient software for including multiple forms of media. Also, at one point I was considering applying to write for Buzzfeed and in order to do so you need to build a profile on their website. However, a two-year portfolio of work, with which I had intended to apply to their editorial fellowship progamme with, was erased without reason or explanation today. It was like Jamie in Love Actually watching his manuscript fly into the wind and lake because fucking Aurelia didn’t have her shit together.

Thanks to the internet never truly allowing you to delete anything, I was able to recover everything that I’ve written, but the sting of that initial moment that I realised that what was essentially hundreds of hours of work over the past two years was deleted without a second thought all because I called Simon Cowell out for being a shady ass hoe. When I watched the One Direction documentary This Is Us on a long-haul Virgin flight a couple of years ago this certainly isn’t how I imagined things would go, but here I am.

I found myself recently coming to the defence of someone that I met through this blog named Aaron Butterfield. He had told me that he read Sex at Oxbridge whilst he was at uni and had been a fan. He wrote an article called ‘We Need To Talk About One Direction’ which raised a lot of similar questions that I was writing about on Buzzfeed. Namely, wtfuck is going on exactly? Aaron made a great point today after I told him what had happened…

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 21.46.04


If you, as a typical reader of this blog, do not give a baker’s fuck about One Direction I completely understand if you want to ignore what I’m going to post over the next week, which is every single article that has been deleted but that I was able to recover.  Some won’t be about One Direction…but most of them will be. The ones I will be publishing first are the ones that lead to my entire existence on Buzzfeed being erased.

However, I would strongly urge people to take a look at what I’ve written given that I put the kind of work that was previously reserved for research at Oxford and/or Cambridge (aka Oxbridge for those of you who think my url is “sex on a bridge”) University into trying to figure out what the hell is going on with One Direction.

I recently thought back to some random anonymous message I received on Tumblr that was like, ‘Why do you even care? It’s just a baby. Get over it.’ And I was like, ‘Wait, why do I care so much?’ It was then that I realised why I fundamentally care and am genuinely upset about all of this.

It’s because I hate being treated like I’m a fucking moron. 

Does whoever in charge of this inconceivably ignorant stunt in which we’re meant to believe that Louis Tomlinson has just become a father actually believe that the One Direction fandom is full of idiots? There was someone on Twitter about a month ago claiming that women can be pregnant ‘FOR YEARS’, and I actually give them more credit than One Direction’s PR team at this point.

The fact that this entire charade is so farcical that the calm and rational discussions I have had with people about it resulted in the common belief that it would be more likely that this is a surrogacy or adoption situation gone rogue, or the notion that there is not and never was a baby, is how far this has spun out of hand.

And that is why I care enough to re-post articles on my own website that a major website like Buzzfeed was unwilling to keep on their site, despite the fact that my writing had generated over 100,000 views to their Community section in eight days.

Here are the analytics from Saturday:

The blue indicated seeded views, which is due to Buzzfeed featuring my article on their homepage. It had 51,000 views this morning. So, at least I know my account wasn’t deleted due to inability to draw readers to the website.

When I reached out to my contact at Buzzfeed to ask what had happened they simply said, “Sorry about that,” and provided no further explanation.

So, if you would like to be part of the exploration into the Larry Stylinson conspiracy theory, please stay tuned. As I said, I have been able to recover everything, but uploading it all will take awhile so I’m going to try and do at least one post a day as well as continue to write the other articles that were in the works (but unfortunately deleted since I have no way to recover drafts).

And all because two kids fell in love…

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Amazing. I stand behind you 100%. If you need any help at all with transcribing your work or anything like that let me know.

  2. Phouse1964 says:

    You go! The truth is a virus!

  3. Amanda says:

    So happy you were able to get everything back! Will continue being an avid reader and enjoy your insightful writing. Looking forward to day it all makes sense :) much love x

  4. sherry young says:

    I’ve read some things you’ve written and was deeply impressed. I knew after Aarons article and,yours that there would be hell to pay because you both told the truth. You dared to tell the truth, dared to question things that everyone is questioning. I respect the chances that you Aaron and Alan are taking. I hope that you get to finish breaking this down for us along with Aaron and Alan. These boys were left without voices for 5 years, larries were made to appear crazy obsessed because we all saw things that there were no answers for. Thank you for calling that overbearing ass out. Thank you for bringing questions to the for front. I wish you the best as you begin again this rabbit hole isn’t easy but these boys their talent and love for their fans is.

  5. Ana Sisan says:

    It’s unacceptable that they are treating fans like this! Amazing article! Let’s just wayt and see what will happen whe all this shit come out.

  6. Moop says:

    Rock on! Buzzfeed will be sorry they lost you! While I am personally not at all convinced that Harry or Louis are gay, let alone for each other, I do reckon this baby thing is fishy, and in any case I endorse any and all digging for *facts* 100%. The very fact that you’re being shut down is a major indicator that you just may be on to something.

  7. YAY! I’m hoping this means you’re back up? :D

  8. aretheykiddingmewiththis says:

    Good luck to you! I can’t quit the Babygate sh*t show, even though it’s full of plot holes.

  9. ree says:

    Hi, I’ve literally just stumbled upon you and your website. Totally by chance. I’m not a Larrie, and I’m not a fan of people commenting “LARRY” under Every.Single.Photo.Or.Tweet that L or H post, but that said I consider myself a rational and generally respectful person, so I’m not one to judge. Truthfully, the whole Larry conspiracy theory fascinates me. It fascinates me that it could go on for so long, that people can be so invested in it, and that real, actual cover-ups are involved. I’m a researcher by background (Psych and social sciences) so when I start digging, I dig seriously :). Anyway, in short, I love the way you’re presenting the whole situation and just wanted to say that if you need help or want to discuss things, I’m here. We can always have a wine & diss Simon Cowell together :) Oh and of course: love your writing.

  10. Roxy says:

    Honestly, i got so upset when i found out your blog got deleted….cant believe i forgot to embed it or copy the info for future use so i can research more. :// if there’s anywhere you think i can find the article, please let me know. i’d love to show my friends your work. and as always, great writing ^>^

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