My computer has been acting up and I can’t exactly use the family computer to post without deleting all internet history and then having my parents thinking I’m watching porn on our PC at all hours of the night. A bit awkward.
And my parents just walked in. Fantastic timing. Must jet off lovers. An update to come soon. I’m still with Grey. Things are much better, ta for the comments x x

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  1. virginia says:

    >oh… you can try to start Firefox in a private browsing session
    and immediate after your "job" in the family computer you will stop the private browsing…. pfff hocus pocus no history or password etc

    your second choice, you can open the history tab in firefox and you have to delete the entries you want only and of course your logging infos

    third choice :P just one word.. IPHONE :p
    we are looking forward to… reading you :p

  2. Leovi says:

    >estás perdonada.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Do your parents sit and read all the internet history after you've been on the computer? Blog is awesome by the way

  4. MissD says:

    >I can't wait until you start back at Uni because hopefully your blogs will become slightly more frequent again!

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Glad to hear it… Looking forward to the next episode ;-)

  6. Anonymous says:

    >Do you know someone is copying your posts and creating a lookalike site (with adverts!) at
    Just thought you ought to know…

  7. Phoebe says:

    >Awwww good things are looking better for you and Grey!!
    Not so good your computer is buggerin up. Using the family computer is pretty restrictive, esp. when you are SAO!!
    Anyways, off to
    Love Phoebe x

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