The Metrosexual Woman

Hello, friends! As I previously mentioned, I have been working on some other projects as of late. One of which is partnering with a website called Someone Like Me to write about LGBT issues, relationships and sex (of course). The first article I’ve written is based on a conversation I had with Eddie Izzard at London Bridge Station when I bumped into him after work one day. Lovely man, and we had a long chat about transvestites and metrosexuality. The issue of gender versus sexuality has always been very important to me and having never quite identified with the binaries of ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ ever, the concept of metrosexuality and genderqueerness has been one of great interest to me lately. I hope you enjoy what I wrote, you can read it here:

A Conversation About Transgender

My name (well, pseudonym) isn’t on the article because the legal documents and NDAs are still being processed (haven’t stayed anonymous for over five years for no reason – devil’s in the details), but I intend to write semi-regularly for Someone Like Me as I think their work is fantastic and I look forward to the partnership. Hasta luego, amigos x

What are you thinking?