The Winter Boyfriend Part IV: Adult Sleepover

Previously in this series: The Winter Boyfriend Part III

Oblivious to the roaming eyes of our Uber driver in the rear view mirror, Tex and I proceeded to snog the entire ride from the party to his place.

And by his place, I mean his university accommodation.

‘How old are you again?’ I asked, stepping into the halls.


‘Oh. Okay.’

‘I know, it’s not ideal. Shit. If you want to leave, I’ll get you a cab,’ he said, stumbling over his words.

‘No, no. It’s fine,’ I said, grabbing his hand and squeezing it.

Tex looked down at me, smiling and sliding his glasses back up over his eyes, which had slipped down the bridge of his nose. ‘You’re really pretty.’

I laughed and looked down at my feet before looking back up to meet his eyes. ‘Thanks.’

He ran his free hand behind my neck and pulled me into a kiss that I hummed into. ‘You’re so pretty,’ he said into my mouth.

I laughed into his mouth and puckered my lips up against his and blew into his mouth with a loud huff. ‘Still pretty?’

‘Mmm…so hot,’ he said, blowing into my mouth.

I laughed, shrugging him off. ‘You’re so weird!’

‘You’re the one who did it first!’ He shrieked.

‘I know, I’m just kidding,’ I said, putting both my hands around his head and pulling his mouth down to mine. We were making out in the middle of a deserted corridor, but neither of us cared.

‘You taste good,’ he murmured.

‘That’s weird,’ I whispered back.

‘Well, you do!’ He shouted, indignantly.

I laughed, pulling his face back to mine. ‘You do, too. You taste like cinnamon.’

‘And I’M the weird one?!’ He practically shouted into my face.

‘No, we’re both the weird ones,’ I said, pulling him into me and pressing my mouth to his cinnamon-tasting lips.

‘C’mon,’ he whispered, pulling his head back and leading me down the corridor.

We had broken into a run by the time we reached his door and I almost knocked him over running into him as he stopped in front of his door. ‘Heyyyyy!’ he said, slipping his key into the doorknob.

‘Sorry. Well, actually, I’m not,’ I said, biting into his shoulder.

‘Jesus,’ he said, pushing the door and reaching behind himself to grab my wrist and pull me into the room with him.

The door closed behind us and he pushed me against it, kissing me deeply. He slipped his hands down to my lower back, and then lower below my bum and squatted for a moment before lifting me up and pressing me against the door. I shrieked quietly into his mouth, my legs instinctively squeezing around his waist as I laughed into his mouth. ‘Put me down!’

He smiled against my mouth. ‘No.’

He shifted my weight again so that I was basically koala-ing him, and spun around so that he could walk us towards the bed. He gently bent over and I tightened my grip around him, afraid of being dropped, as he gently laid me down onto his single-mattress bed, carefully hovering over me. ‘Are you okay?’ he asked.

‘Yeah,’ I breathed out, running my hands through his hair.

‘Fuck,’ he whispered, leaning down and kissing me again.

He had a necklace that can only be described as, like, two crosses together, like a hashtag cross. The hashtag cross kept hitting me in the face. ‘Can you get hashtag Jesus out of my face for a minute?’ I pleaded.

Tex laughed and pulled the necklace off over his head, followed by immediately removing his shirt as well, which came over his head with less ease. He leaned down right into my face to ask, ‘Better?’

‘Much,’ I breathed into his mouth.

‘God, you’re fucking hot.’

‘Thanks,’ I said, lifting my head to kiss him.

We continued like this, him topless and me fully clothed for awhile before I began to notice just how excited he was. He pulled away and kissed my forehead. ‘Fuck, I like you so much.’

‘I like you, too,’ I said, kissing his chest.

‘I think, like, maybe we should take things slow?…I don’t want to fuck this up,’ he said, looking at me with large, puppy eyes.

‘That sounds perfect,’  I said, running my hand down his back.

‘I really like you,’ he said.

‘I know,’ I said, smiling. ‘You already said.’

Tex leaned down to kiss me again and I murmured something against his mouth. He pulled away. ‘Hmm?’

‘I said,’ I kissed him again, ‘me too.’

He smiled against my mouth, kissed me once more and then shuffled his body behind mine, pulling me close to him. ‘Goodnight,’ he exhaled into my hair.

‘Night,’ I said back, already half-asleep.

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