The Winter Boyfriend Part V

I woke up feeling an overwhelming sense of warmth around me. ‘What the-‘ I exhaled, realising that Tex was wrapped around me and breathing down my neck. I was annoyed for about a tenth of a second before readjusting my head, his face dropping down to my collarbone.

‘Mmm,’ he groaned, squeezing me tighter.

His tighter grip didn’t help with the fact that I desperately needed a wee. I placed my hands around his and squeezed them, intending to remove them from my waist immediately. He obviously thought otherwise and intertwined our fingers, squeezing our hands against my chest instead. It was less uncomfortable than him squeezing around my waist, but I scanned the room trying to figure out how to wriggle away from him. He exhaled deeply against my back and I let my hands go slack and then somehow managed to slip out of the bed. Tex let out a disappointed sound before shuffling around under the duvet and repositioning himself so that he was on his back. Luckily his room was an en suite and I tip-toed across the room towards his loo.

I had the foresight to steal a spare (and new) toothbrush from Lily the night before and I brushed my teeth whilst idly looking through his toiletries. He used the cologne and deodorant that I love, which I suppose explained my attraction to the way he smelled. I put the toothbrush on the side of the sink and walked back into the bedroom to find Tex awake with his glasses on, fumbling with the telly remote. Once he noticed that I was standing there watching him his face lit up. ‘Hi!’ he announced, loudly in his American drawl.

‘Hello,’ I said, just above a whisper.

He held his hands out and made a grabby motion like a toddler. ‘C’mere.’ I laughed and launched myself at the bed. ‘Oh God!’ Tex shouted.

‘Shush,’ I said, wrapping my arms around his neck.

‘I can’t breathe,’ he exhaled.

‘Hey! I’m not that heavy.’

‘I know,’ he said, squeezing his arms around me and holding me to his chest. ‘You aren’t even a little bit heavy.’

I pressed a kiss to his mouth. ‘I know.’ I kissed him again. ‘I own a scale.’

He laughed against my mouth and quickly shifted so that I was below him and he was hovering above me. ‘Hi,’ he said, his glasses sliding down his nose.

I pressed them back up his face and as they slowly started sliding back down I whispered, ‘Hi…Again.’

‘Hi,’ he said, kissing me.

‘Hi,’ I said, kissing him back.

‘Hello,’ he said, pressing his lips firmly to mine and finally pulling his glasses off, letting them fall onto the side table.

‘Halo,’ I said in a deep German accent.

He threw his head back, laughing loudly. ‘Sexy accent.’

‘Ya, zer gut,’ I agreed.

Tex leaned down and kissed me deeper as he positioned himself between my legs. I wrapped my legs around his waist as things heated up. Eventually I pulled away and asked, ‘Do you have any condoms?’

‘No,’ he answered, sadly.

‘What?!’ I said, trying to bury my head back into the pillow as far as possible.

He exhaled in frustration, ‘I’m sorry! But not a lot of girls want to sleep with me!’

I frowned, but managed to huff out a laugh at the same time. ‘That’s…oddly endearing.’

He laughed and bent down, accidentally smashing our foreheads together. ‘Sorry!’ he said, quickly. ‘I have no depth perception without my glasses.’

‘That’s…so. Fucking. Cute,’ I said, holding the back of his head and leaning up to kiss him.

After a few more minutes of aggressively kissing he pulled away and said, ‘Can I take you to breakfast?’

‘Sure,’ I said, smiling.

‘Yay!’ he said like a child on Christmas morning.

‘Okay, calm down. It’s just breakfast.’

‘With YOU,’ he said, pressing his mouth back to mine.

I did another smile/frown combination. ‘You’re so excited.’

‘You’re so pretty,’ he said, kissing my neck repeatedly.

‘Please stop doing that since you don’t have condoms,’ I said, pulling his hair.

‘Mmm,’ he mumbled into my neck, biting it quickly.

‘Hey!’ I flinched, kicking my heel against the back of his thigh.


‘Talk shit, get hit!’

‘I didn’t talk shit! And you didn’t hit me, you kicked me!’

I pretended to pout. ‘Sorry.’

‘Ergh,’ he growled, exasperated as he pressed his head against the pillow next to mine. ‘You’re even sexy when you’re unintentionally violent!’ he shouted into the pillow.

‘Who said it was unintentional?’ I asked the ceiling.

He brought his hands to my rib cage and pressed his fingers into my sides quickly. ‘Oh yeah?’ he asked as I screamed.


‘What?’ he asked, digging his fingers into my side again as I shrieked. ‘What’s the matter? Are…you…’


‘Ticklish?!’ he asked, pressing his fingers in and squeezing me a couple of times rapid fire as I thrashed around beneath him crying, screaming and laughing all at once.


‘What?’ he asked, pinching my sides.

‘I-‘ I screamed.

‘Huh? I don’t understand.’


He stopped suddenly and looked at me seriously, frowning. ‘Well…I guess I would stop,’ I breathed heavily, trying to take in as much oxygen as I could in between the bouts of screaming and being tickled. ‘…but you,’ he ran his palms along my sides, ‘just-‘

‘Texxxx,’ I pleaded.





He inhaled. ‘Okay.’

‘Really?’ I asked surprised.

‘No! You look so sexy when you laugh!’ He said, attacking me again.

I shrieked again, kicking my legs against him as I laughed, clutching my arms around him.

‘Okay, okay, I’ll stop,’ he said, collapsing on top of me, lifting me up slightly so he could wrap his arms around me completely and kiss me again as I came down from the fits of laughter. I was still laughing and tears were drying against my cheeks as he kissed them away.

‘You’re mean,’ I exhaled.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said, kissing along my jawline.

‘You don’t sound sorry,’ I said, lifting my head to give him better access to my neck.

‘Mmm, no?’

‘No,’ I exhaled.

‘I think,’ he said, kissing my neck, ‘that we,’ he said, kissing up my jaw, ‘should,’ he said, kissing my lips, ‘buy some condoms after breakfast,’ he finished before kissing me properly.

I nodded into the kiss.

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