Weekend Away

I texted Lad Boy midday to see what he was doing this evening.

By three I hadn’t received a response, and by seven when I hadn’t heard from him I began to panic.

He knows. He knows about Warren. He hates me. He’s ashamed of me. 

I pulled out my phone and went to my Favourites screen and pressed on his name.

“Lad Boy – calling …” my phone read.

He picked up after the first ring. ‘Alright?’ He said, cheerfully.

‘Yeah, how are you?’

‘Good, was just about to call you. Just got home.’

‘What are you up to tonight?’ I asked.

‘Not much.’

‘I think I might go home for the weekend … want to come with me?’

There was a brief pause before he said, ‘Yeah, alright. Why not?’

‘I’m sick of meals for one. And I want to see Alex.’

‘Yeah, sounds wicked. Let’s do it.’

‘Brilliant. Want to leave at nine?’


‘Great, see you then.’

‘See you soon, byee!’ He said, his voice getting higher with every vowel in “bye”.

So, off home, to stay out of trouble.

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  1. Paula says:

    >OK, so posting quite a lot lately! Can't wait for more stories on Monday.

    I don't think you should worry about the siblings. It's not like Langdon was in love with you then you slept with his brother. And even if his cruel, ineffective way of treating you was his clumpsy manner of showing that (?), you don't owe him anything. But yeah, OK, I guess it was a bit weird for you guys to get back to THEIRS even if your place was far away…

    The only one you 'might' owe an explanation to is your mate, and that's it. But only if you want to tell him. If you don't feel like it, don't feel guilty about it!! A girl can have her secrets… :)

    By the way, there's a difference between treating someone without consideration and critizising the body of a girl who's had that kind of problems -how could he make such comments if he knew what you had been through!!?!?! That was far out of line, and it would have been too even if you hadn't baggage.

    Have fun and take care,

  2. The Tame Lion says:


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