Why I stopped writing the Winter Boyfriend series…

…Because we broke up and it sucked.

And now I’m torn between writing everything that happened and just picking up where it ended with what’s happened since.

Also, I delved into an anthropological study into the One Direction fandom which resulted in a shockingly high amount of followers on Tumblr and a large body of work produced on Buzzfeed regarding the matter. It all culminated in this post: Some People GENUINELY Think That Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles Are In A Relationship …Read it if you like, I put a similar amount of effort into it that I did into my own dissertation at uni, even going so far as to create my own sub-articles to back up my statements. I am nothing if not a thorough researcher at heart.

Anyhow, at the end of the day all of you who’ve been here for awhile know I can have a tendency to be consistently inconsistent, but I am trying to change that. In addition to neglecting this website which I pay a stupid amount to host in the first place, I have actually been working on two television series which I am now trying to sell, so it’s not as if I’m doing nothing.

Another huge limitation I’m finding in pursuing writing outside of the bounds of my anonymous blog is that I can’t really put on a CV that I run Sex at Oxbridge without revealing my identity. I presume it might be inevitable that, as I’m currently pursuing a career in writing, you will find out who I am eventually. I don’t really plan for that to happen, but it’s possible as I’ve told most of my friends and loose lips sink ships and all.

So, yeah. That’s about the thick of it at the moment. I’ll wrote something more substantial soon, but just wanted to give everyone a head’s up of things to come.

Big love to all of you xx

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  1. RG says:

    Maybe you can leave the end of the Winter Boyfriend until November and pretend it was all a cunning plan for a themed Christmas series?

    Good luck with the TV work!

    • S@O says:

      Why thank you, T

      Think I’ll write it and get it over with. Not a terrible story, really. It just didn’t work out because of reasons that will become very apparent x

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