Sex At Oxbridge

be a slut…do whatever you want

The Big 5-0

And that’s not the number of men I’ve slept with. It now marks the amount of blog posts I have written. That in itself is blog-worth enough I feel. I’m going to be lazy and just cut and paste the latest article I wrote for a student newspaper because I’m halfway through a bottle of…

Break Up Sex

I walked out of the library and as I made my way towards my bike I had my head down, deep in thought. It had been a couple days since the Tiger and I felt as if I had finally sobered up after that massive night out. There was a Halloween party being thrown that…

The Rebounds

“How are you feeling my darling?”  “I’m okay. Still kind of sad.”  “I thought about this after you told me the other day, and there is something wrong in that boy’s head. It is his loss.” The owner of my local kebab shop finalised his statement by placing his hands around his wide waist and…

As Lizzo once said, it’s about damn time.

I wish I could give everyone some profound reason as to why this website disappeared like I was on a spiritual quest to find myself and get right with God, but that simply isn’t true. Also I’m pretty sure if there is a God they’re totally cool with me being a hoe and having this as my life motto

It doesn’t matter why I was gone or whose fault it was for losing all the passwords to renew the URL (Tom’s. It was Tom’s fault.) the important part is that I’m back. WhoTF is Tom you might be wondering…well, he was originally called Lad Boy in the blog but hated that name so I let him choose a new one. And he went with fucking Tom. I would’ve gone with Captain Big Dick but hey oh. CBD can be his nickname.

Anyway enough about CBD. Once I decided to redo everything and repost the entire blog I started reading the blog again and…not gonna lie, some of it did naht age well.

It’s me. I’m somebody.

I haven’t changed any of the fundamentals, just some glaring grammatical errors and things that are only cringe with the hindsight of age. And CBD’s name of course.

Why now? Well…despite the blog disappearing I continued to operate as @sexatoxbridge on all my socials and I keep getting shit like this 

That or people thinking my username is “sex on a bridge”

Something I have yet to try…

I just thought it was high time to dust off the slutty bedtime stories of years gone by and finally get around to telling you what happened my first year. So whether you’re new here or  back to relive the stories, welcome! I hope you enjoy it, but as always

Along with the old (kind of getting really old) stories of my hoe legacy at uni I’ll also be letting everyone know what I’m up to now. Spoiler alert: I’m writing television shows. True story! And full disclosure I’m absolutely putting all this back up so I can pitch it to my producer. Imagine slutty ol me on the silver screen! That would be fun. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined me along the way. Excited to be back! xx