Sex At Oxbridge

be a slut…do whatever you want

The Big 5-0

And that’s not the number of men I’ve slept with. It now marks the amount of blog posts I have written. That in itself is blog-worth enough I feel. I’m going to be lazy and just cut and paste the latest article I wrote for a student newspaper because I’m halfway through a bottle of…

Break Up Sex

I walked out of the library and as I made my way towards my bike I had my head down, deep in thought. It had been a couple days since the Tiger and I felt as if I had finally sobered up after that massive night out. There was a Halloween party being thrown that…

The Rebounds

“How are you feeling my darling?”  “I’m okay. Still kind of sad.”  “I thought about this after you told me the other day, and there is something wrong in that boy’s head. It is his loss.” The owner of my local kebab shop finalised his statement by placing his hands around his wide waist and…


What happens when you write an anonymous blog about sex whilst studying at Oxbridge?

Well, if you’re me, it gets a blurb in a student newspaper before being picked up by every national paper in the UK as you’re harassed by journalists threatening to trawl the streets of Oxford and Cambridge trying to figure out who you are. Somehow, despite an ex-boyfriend asking me straight to my face if I wrote this blog, and occasionally posting my entire name and address on Twitter by accident, I’ve managed to maintain anonymity. Full disclosure, though, this rebrand is entirely because my best friend set up the last website and we forgot all the login info, forgot to pay the bills to keep it up, and it’s honestly just easier to start over. So whether you’re a returning reader or experiencing these stories for the first time, I hope you enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy it…keep it to your fuckin self.

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