Sex At Oxbridge

be a slut…do whatever you want


My computer has been acting up and I can’t exactly use the family computer to post without deleting all internet history and then having my parents thinking I’m watching porn on our PC at all hours of the night. A bit awkward.  

And my parents just walked in. Fantastic timing. Must jet off lovers. An update to come soon. I’m still with Grey. Things are much better, ta for the comments x x 

2023 Update/Edit:

LOL things were not better with Grey. In fact I think by this point I had very much slept with my ex-boyfriend because I’m a sucker for a hot man admitting he was wrong. I have looked ahead and I literally never mention the ex-boyfriend coming to visit again haha. At this time in my life I was still very much being pursued by the press, and around this time also a publishing company, so I was very careful not to insert too many details that I didn’t want the people in my life, namely my boyfriend at the time, to know. I think he knew, though. If him asking me to my face, “Who writes Sex at Oxbridge?” is any indication, then he might have known. The next post is very short, so I will elaborate on how I ended up sleeping with the guy I lost my virginity to again in the next update.

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